Les trois meilleurs parcs nationaux du nord de la Tanzanie

Les trois meilleurs parcs nationaux du nord de la Tanzanie

Tanzania northern circuit is full of so many things to do, to explore and to see. Determining which national parks or wildlife park you want to visit on your safari can be a scary task and maybe you have a tight time of the holiday. Here are the top three National Parks in Northern Tanzania that you absolutely cannot miss!

  1. SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK (The Endless Plain)

Serengeti National Park is one of the most unbelievable places to experience, and there is the home of The Great Wildebeest Migration that done every year, a truly wonderful sight. Millions of hooves thunder across the plains as vast herds of wildebeest are joined by zebras and gazelles on this migration to find fresh grazing. There is no better place for seeing the most famous Big Five or any other wildlife than Serengeti National Park. Also is only Park in Tanzania you can do Baloon Safari. Welcome, choose you tour with Us to Serengeti.



The Ngorongoro Crater is repeatedly called the Eighth Wonder of the World. It is the largest intact volcanic caldera on the planet and is an eccentric place for enjoying amazing vistas and incredible wildlife experience. Amazingly, all the large predators that Africa is famous for can be found in this ten-mile-wide crater. This makes it the best place to view these elusive, in Ngorongoro Crater you can see all famous Big Five animals in a day these are Elephants, Buffalos, Lions, Rhino and Leopard

  1. TARANGIRE NATIONAL PARK (Quite home of Elephants)

Tarangire is a captivating place in which to view the circle of life. The Tarangire River draws huge herds of animals to its sets during the dry season. Prey and predator can be seen together mauling at the dry riverbed in search of the moisture below the surface. It is one of the best places to see matriarchal family groups of elephants.

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