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Tanzania Cultural Tours

Culture Tours

Immerse yourself in the Tanzanian culture

The people are the country. Tanzania has 130 different tribes representing all the African ethnic groups. So many visitors to Tanzania only come to see the wildlife, missing out on something even more touching ? the local tribes and cultures. We have been offering cultural experiences in Mto Wa Mbu village since 2000. We offer you a stroll through modern Africa to spend a few hours seeing how Africans are living today.

Arusha & Surrounding Area
Arusha city tour

This tour will take you inside the workings of the busy little town of Arusha. You have the opportunity to visit a school, church, local market and have a drink in a local pub. This will be one of the most interesting experiences during your Tanzanian holiday.

Time: mornings or afternoons

Duration: full day or half day

Strenuousness: Low

Price: $100 per person for full day (incl local lunch) and $65 for half day (excl lunch). These rates incl.18% VAT.

Visit local markets (Tengeru or Usa River)

These are two short 1.5 hour tours. You walk from either Rivertrees Country Inn or from Lake Duluti Serena to one of these local food and vegetable markets. Your guide will tell you more about the process of local markets and helps you to communicate with the sellers.

Time: mornings or afternoons

Strenuousness: Low

Price: $35 per person (incl. 18% VAT)

Visit Cemetery of Polish War Refugees

This is a historical site to World War ll when Polish refugees found their way to Africa. On this 2-hour tour a guide will accompany you to the graves in Tengeru (close to Lake Duluti). At the site a local guide will provide you with more details about the significance of this cemetery.

Time: mornings or afternoons

Price: $35 per person (incl. 18% VAT)

Mto wa Mbu
Village walk

During this walk you go on a 2-hour stroll through the local farming village of Mto Wa Mbu. This village is unique in Tanzania since it is home to over a 120 different tribes from across Africa. The walk will take you to see local farms, schools, a kindergarten, local homes, the market and milling machines. Optional to this walk is a local lunch in the middle of the village or at the Swahili Canteen Restaurant in Mto Wa Mbu.

Time: mornings or afternoons

Strenuousness: low ? medium

Price: $35 per person (incl. 18% VAT)

Local lunch: $35 per person (incl. 18% VAT)

Tuk Tuk village ride

People who don?t have time, energy or the ability to walk in the village, can do a village tour in a Tuk Tuk. Being light, small and easy to ride this vehicle is ideal to get between farms and local houses. A Tuk Tuk can carry up to three passengers on a bench seat behind and a driver and a guide. The sides of the vehicle are open so you can still have a great feeling of being outside and connected with the people and places. The village tour will last around 2 hours and takes you to farms, local houses, schools, milling machines, churches and much more.

Time: mornings or afternoons

Price: $55 per person (incl. 18% VAT)

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