Lake Eyasi

Hadzabe and Datoga are wilcome guests to visit in these indigenous tribal lands as well as observe how these people continue to hunt and quest for their food in the expression of Tanzania’s continued development. Following an early morning hunting display, gathering honey, and local music, traditional dance performance are all part of the experience in this land. It is a cultural skill not to be missed, and it all happens against the backdrop of beautiful Lake Eyasi.

Lake Eyasi is located at the southwestern end of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area between Great Rift Gorge Eyasi cliff and Kidero hill, just 133 km (95 miles) west of Lake Manyara. Lake Eyasi covers an area of about 1,050 square km (400 square miles).

Who is the Lake Eyasi

The lake is like all the other lakes in the Rift Gorge a soda lake. Lake Eyasi, which has one principle spring, the Sibiti River, is surrounded by walls containing purple lava. The main attraction of Lake Eyasi is the Hadzabe Bushmen, the native populace and the last communal of hunters and gleaners in Africa. Lake Eyasi is their homeland for over 10,000 years. They are still a field to their traditional way of life, hunting and gathering different classes of fruits and honey.

The Hadzabe live in caves, and they don’t wear any clothes but slightly skin to cover the remote parts. Their community is rare because most of their land is away from them for commercial production and they are attracting them to join the evolution.

Hadzabe-HuntingAnother bushmen community, the Tindiga also inhabit lake Eyasi. This community is also a hunters and gleaners community, but they are trying a kind of life and want to join the digital world while still are having great life. They have been living for centuries from the forest and its crops, hunting animals such as monkeys. The Tindiga people don’t have perpetual houses and avoid buildings with iron sheets, because they believe they cause blindness.

Lake eyasi

A visit to their community is something you will most likely not want to miss; perhaps you will even have the possibility to see how they shower and lotion with monkey bone narrow.