Toilettes privées lors de l'ascension du Kilimandjaro

Kilimanjaro Private Toilets

Hygiene and health on Kilimanjaro. Portable Toilets are solutions

So we all need a pee and a poo, but oddly it?s a topic that?s never really gets declared in day to day life. However, on Kilimanjaro, and in fact any mountain, there?s this amazing shift in hot topics of conversation which more frequently than not include a person?s daily activities or toilet adventures. No hesitation questions concerning mountain toilets will come to your attention before your Kilimanjaro climb. Then, after a swift google search, you?ll be dismayed by stories of smut and anxiety about the lack of privacy on your Kilimanjaro trekking.

Use the newly developed toilets which are at each camp. Or use a private toilet carried up by our porters?

Typically, people desire us to carry up a private toilet. For this there is a cost to cover the toilet attendant, who carries, pitches, cleans, and empties the loo? It?s covered in our Coût de l'ascension du Kilimandjaro

So what is a private toilet like on Kilimanjaro?

Well, it?s clean, it?s always treated better and doesn?t smell, they are small but private and if blustery a bit difficult as they?re inside little toilet tents. They are made from plastic, it is single with a seat, flush machinery, and a sliding door that opens for your business to drop down into a container that the attendant empties. Below are characteristic of our Kilimanjaro Private toilets

  1. Tents provide welcome privacy.
  2. Transportable pump-flush toilets are Eco-friendly and hygienic.
  3. Hand antiseptic provided to keep you well.
  4. Walk-in height tents are clean and relaxed.

Despite of our Portable Private Kilimanjaro toilets; The new Kilimanjaro toilets at the campsites are great. They are big, private and don?t have drafts. The floors and walls are tiled and they offer both western-style toilets (sit down) and a traditional hole in the ground. They?re not untouched if the campsites are busy but they are good. View in the Picture below.

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