Nouveau processus de visa pour la Tanzanie à l'aéroport du Kilimandjaro

Sometimes we tell our visitor “No worries you can just get Tanzania Visa at Kilimanjaro Airport” yes very possible. Then on your arrival at the airport, our driver will be there to pick you, issuing visa and registration were taking a maximum of 30 minutes.

But Now with New visa process at Kilimanjaro Airport, may take a minimum of 1.5 hours which will not be friendly to the time as sometimes you need to start the tour activities on the same day or you have tired after a long journey to Tanzania.

Have you seen this:

New visa process at Kilimanjaro Airport
Please be aware that with immediate effect Kilimanjaro airport has changed the process of issuing visas on arrival. We had no warning of this change, and what was a fairly simple and easy process has, overnight, become more time-consuming. Clients arriving in Kilimanjaro without a visa now need to complete the following process
? The queue] for a Government Control Number
? The queue to pay for this at the bank
? The queue for Immigration to check and issue the visa

How long does it take to process a Tanzania visa at Kilimanjaro Airport

We would really appreciate your help in letting your guests know about this change and strongly recommended that those that still have time before they travel apply for their Tanzania visa online at The online process asks for more information than a visa on arrival, and are issued within 2 – 3 weeks.
The changes at Kilimanjaro has meant that the visa on arrival process can take in excess of two hours, and we?d really prefer that your guests did not have to go through that. We?ve been reassured that measures are being put in place to make this quicker, but until that happens we feel that the above recommendation is our best bet.

What is our recommendation?

We highly recommend visitors to have their Tanzania Visa at least two weeks before their arrival date, ensuring visa online is the best and easier way to have a visa at the right time.

Click here to is a full guide for you go register online for a Visa Tanzanie

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