Meilleure saison pour visiter la Tanzanie

Meilleure saison pour visiter la Tanzanie

Best season to visit Tanzania, Tanzania is full of amazing throughout the year but there are things we considering on advising our client on when to come to Tanzania.

When we take time to advise our  client on which is the best season to visit Tanzania ,We considering Weather, Best time to see Migration Safari and Budget of Seasons. But for Camping Safaris budget of visiting can be almost static.

March to 30 May and November;

Is Low Season, Weather is raining in some of Northern Parks, Its the time you can not enjoy wildebeest migration very much, You can see Big Five animals, and most of Travel Packages are cheep.

June to July;

This is a season that we highly recommend our client to visit Tanzania, this season is budget friendly for Camping and some of Hotels and Lodges. Is High Season, Weather is good in all northern parks, Its the best time to enjoy Wildebeest migration as well as possible to see Big Five animals. Only Challenge is for those come for Lodging Safari as most of Lodges can be full booked.

30th July to October;

This is also High Season but is a little bit higher in budget but possible to be within your budget, Weather is good in all northern parks. Its the best time to enjoy Wildebeest migration when crossing Mara river but you will need a long distance drive in Serengeti, You can see Big Five animals. Is no much Friendly for Camping if traveler will need to see migration, because in Northern Serengeti there is no sufficient public campsite.

Around December to March;

This is Peak Season, Weather in raining in Southern Serengeti and Northern Ngorongoro, Its the one of the best time to witness wildebeest migration in Ndutu. You will see Big Five animals, Its Budge friendly for Camping safari.