Welcome to Earth Travel Documentary By Will Smith

Welcome to World - Will Smith

Welcome to Earth Travel Documentary By Will Smith

The Documentary Series of Welcome to Earth by Will Smith has highlighted some of the most gorgeous photography I’ve ever seen, approaching Earth with virtually an outsider’s viewpoint (His Guide in Tanzania said, change your perspective) for its varied topography and alien beauty. I thought One weird Rock was a model platform for any high-definition television and an attractive series of pieces focused on featured surveyors, scientists and cosmonauts.


The most want to mention today is Welcome to Earth in Africa, Tanzania. In Episode 03 of this documentary, made Will Smith visits Tanzania twice to sight and film the World’s largest animal migration, the Great Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti.

As a wildlife guide, I learned a lot from this episode there he narrated on how wildebeest defend themselves from predators and other dangers, Photographic tricks on wilderness, also the film was included tracking the Wildebeest from the sky, I have never seen the wildebeest migration in night version but in Episode 3: “Mind of the Swarm” Will Smith and his guides explore the Serengeti in dark. They managed to capture the Mara River Crossing from northern Serengeti.

Our Wildebeest Migration Safaris offer a big portion of an experience from the Welcome to Earth series, on Episode 3: “Mind of the Swarm”, it’s a lot more from our Great Migration Photographic Safari which offers a wider chance to wildlife photographers to photograph the most dramatic wildlife migration on Earth.


From January to the middle of February every year, thousands of wildebeest deliver calves in Ndutu Plain, calves are quickly getting ready to join others on the ecosystem, at the beginning of April then slowly moving to the western part of Serengeti, they spread attached with Grumet game reserve grazing while moving heading to the north, many challenges are blocking on the way like crossing a Grumet river, the river with huge famous Nile Crocodiles. In June are arriving in Central Serengeti and sometimes some groups spread to Lobo Area heading north. Then from late July they arrive in the Kogatende Area of northern Serengeti, grazing and getting prepared for crossing, in August Wildebeest are crossing the Mara River which they will be going to Kenya side and back often crossing the Mara river until early September most of the groups will be in Masai Mara Reserve, in the beginning of October then crossing back to Serengeti in Tanzania, slowly heading to southern Serengeti attaching Ndutu plain.