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The team at Katikati Tours loves Climbing Kilimanjaro. It is a massive 5,895m tall and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Everest is much higher overall but it starts at about 4,000m. Kilimanjaro mountain is also the highest mountain in Africa so is part of the very special club that mountaineers call the “Seven Summits” – the highest mountains on each continent.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Tours. Even with these awesome credentials, you can leave work on a Friday, climb to its summit and be back at work a week later. And more than anything this accessibility is what makes it so popular. So book your adventure now with the number one Kilimanjaro operator. If you climb with us, you are in safe hands – we have now helped over 150 climbers summit successfully.

Katikati Tours and Safaris Team love to help anyone reach this life recall he/she might be fantasizing about. If ascending Mount Kilimanjaro is in your plan, just plan with us and we will do the rest to make your dream successful.

On Kilimanjaro Hiking.

  • Safety is our greatest concern and we always make sure there are enough guides for your group
  • We give you excellent hearty food for your trip
  • Our equipment is renewed yearly
  • We are well prepared to ensure your trip is as comfortable as possible
  • We operate all our safaris and mountaineering by ourselves
kilimanjaro climbing tour

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