Tanzania Safaris and Coronavirus

If you’ve been planning a Tanzania safari and have recently put your plans on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we utterly appreciate, but we do not hesitate that ‘this too shall pass ‘. It’s value pointing out that the best safaris are planned well in advance, and that there are some great motivations for booking a safari now.

While you may not be ready, or able, to jump on a flight to Africa right now, we think this could be the perfect time to plan an African safari for late in 2020 or 2021. We’ve prepared an overview of how to plan therefore and still make your safari dream a reality.

©ADS – Maasai Giraffe

Great flexibility in booking conditions

Almost the whole African safari industry has retorted to the Coronavirus pandemic by providing absolute flexibility in booking terms, for new bookings confirmed before mid-2020. Simply put, you have nothing to lose when booking a safari now and this flexibility includes:

  • Penalty-free cancellation or deferral of bookings to future dates
  • Full refund for deposits made up to one month before travel
©ADS – Lion Pride in Serengeti National Park

Special offers and prices freeze

Many of the best Tanzania safari lodges are offering an extraordinary range of specials which include massive discounts on travel in 2020 and a freeze on 2021 prices, again for trips booked before mid-2020.

Why book a Tanzania safari now?

Tourism is the single biggest funder to preservation in Tanzania and Africa in total and is one of the few vacation types where you can authentically make a difference by purely coming on vacation.

©ADS – Elephant in Ngorongoro Crater

The Coronavirus pandemic will undeniably be tragic for many people and industries around the world. In Africa, distressingly poor local communities surrounding Africa’s wildernesses and the wildlife in those areas are heavily dependent on tourism for survival and without it, or at least a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, the impact could be disastrous.

We cognize its challenging to travel in the short-term, but booking a safari with us, safe in the knowledge that your booking terms are flexible, helps us provide our partners across Africa with relief knowing that there are travelers committed to traveling late in 2020 and through 2021.

Many thanks to Art Of Safari Travel