Month-by-month Wildebeest Migration in Pictures

The Great Wildebeest Migration in the picture, an annual wonder, stated by the rains, which gets the herds moving in a continuous clockwise motion thru the Serengeti in Tanzania connecting Masai Mara in Kenya.

The wildebeest groups can naturally be found on the Ndutu plains in the southern Serengeti and Northern Ngorongoro from December to April (map marker 1 & 2) and the calving season takes place in late January-early February.

Once the heavy and long rains attain in April-May (map marker 3) the herds move towards the Serengeti’s Western Corridor.

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January, February & March Migration Patterns

Over a million wildebeest also baptized Gnu, and zebra occupy the first months of the year in the great plains of Southern Serengeti and Ngorongoro Ndutu Plain, feeding off the short pasture and preparing for migration.

The mainstream of wildebeest calves are born here in February, with about half a million new calves in Ndutu that month. As the Southern plains become chosen over, the herds start to spread west and organize for their migration north in the Spring. Our 08 Days Ndutu Migration Safari will explore with you to witness the great Wildebeest Calving in February.

Wildebeest Calving Season in pictures.

April & May Wildebeest in the picture.

April typically brings the first ciphers of migration, with hundreds of thousands of wildebeest opening their difficult journey across the western plains and finally north.

Wildebeest Migration in picture

June & July migration season

The mating season regularly starts in June, and you can expect to see violent fighting between aggressive males as they compete for the attention of females. By June, wildebeest spread from Western to Central Serengeti, where other groups heading to Grumeti Area.

By late July, the all groups head north near the new grass of the Masai Mara. To get there they must face one of the utmost difficulties of their expedition – crossing the Grumeti River. Book our 07 Days Luxury Migration Safari

Wildebeest Migration Action in Picture.

August Wildebeest Migration in Photos

Wildebeest arrive at Northern Serengeti the area known as “Kogatende” where meets the greatest challenge to the Cross Mara river. The dramatic river crossings, one of the most thrilling events of the Great Migration, generally start in early August, but the exact timing depends on the rains. Book our 08 Days Wildebeest Crossing Safari to witness the Great wildebeest Crossing

Wildebeest Crossing in Picture.

September Migration into Kenya

The eye of the migration moves to Kenya and the Masai Mara however the beasts go in search of fresh grass to graze. This is a delightful time to be on safari in the Masai Mara

October, Epic Wildebeest Crossing in Serengeti

As the rains start in October, the herds commence their long journey south back to the Serengeti following the new grass. Of course, this doesn’t mean that life suits easy, as danger still loiters in the form of chasing points of pride of lion and packs of hyena. This is one of the best times to be on Safari in Serengeti. Follow Migration with us, book our 08 Days Wildebeest Crossing Safari.

Pictures of Wildebeest Migration in October

November & December Migration

The short seasonal rains start in Ngorongoro and Ndutu, Tanzania in early November, sketch the wildebeest and zebra back to the plains of the southern Serengeti which are green and luxurious once more.