How close will you get to animals?

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I leave this case behind “What lenses should I take for wildlife photography?” as they relay to each other. It’s most photographers’ question before they go on photographic safariHow close will we get to the object?” It’s not a thing that we can advertise or promote but the short answer is “VERY“. That answer is followed by “but not always“. Yes, our photo safari guides can get you very close to animals, sometimes within a few meters. But naturally, animals are not right next to the truck. Pro wildlife photographers always have two cameras with them all the time. One has a telephoto lens on it, the other has a relatively wide-angle lens on it. That way if the animal is far away or right next to the Land Cruiser, they’re covered. This complicates the question of what lenses to take. But I stand by what I wrote in the last section. Some people may want to exchange their wide-angle lens for a mid-range lens (like something around a 24-105 zoom) and it’s hard to argue with that. A lot of lens companies offer a lens in that range and if there were no weight restrictions in Africa… I’d say take both. But there are some weight restrictions.