Bush dining on safari

Bush Lunch on Safari in Tanzania, breakfast and romantic bush dinner
Perfect temporary dining in the afternoon on safari, surrounded by the wild sounds and scents of nature, it’s a dining experience that no ‘restaurant’ can offer. One-stop after early morning game drive in the bust like Serengeti National Park for breakfast pays a strong wind and cold in the early morning to depart.

The fact for bush dining in safari with our safari guides is that we don’t offer backed lunch boxes but we offer hot packed lunch with hospitality set up for dining in the bush. Serengeti bush lunch in the picture.

Bush breakfast in Serengeti

It’s just a quick stop after an early morning game drive, set up for the breakfast in the bush may be designed fast by a driver depending on the location and game drive situation, it may be under the tree of just at the car but unique set up. See bellow

Bush Lunch in Serengeti

I mostly sound of Serengeti because Serengeti has spectacular areas to set up the best dining for a bush meal during the game drive. In Serengeti possible to enjoy a bush dining privately in the middle of no one close by, enjoying birds calls and smoothie wind of the wild

Bush Lunch in Ngorongoro Crater

Amazing spots that available in Ngorongoro is quite different from other spectacular locations on safari in Tanzania, stylish set up along with the hippo pool with its own risk to spotting and fast eagle around is an adventure story that possible to your delicious pic of chicken grabbed by an Eagle.

Bush dinner in some of the lodges when you are on Tanzania safari